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Mobile is a versatile medium and plays a pivotal role in the Marketing Mix, whether to lead, integrate or support a 360 degree marketing strategy.

Mobile Role in the Marketing Mix

Explore the MMA's role in developing the medium, the ecosystem and industry we operate in.

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Anchoring the MMA’s mission are four core pillars:

Cultivating Inspiration

Aimed at the Chief Marketer; guiding best practices and driving innovation

Building Capability for Success

Fostering know-how and confidence within the Chief Marketer’s organization

Demonstrating Measurement and Impact

Proving the effectiveness and impact of mobile through research providing tangible ROI measurement and other data.


Working with partners and our members to protect the mobile marketing industry.

Did You Know in SA…
  • Mobile Penetration
    14.843m of adults use a phone capable of Voice/SMS/USSD only
  • Cellphone v. Computers in Household
    There are 4.6 times more households with a cellphone than a computer
  • Mobile Penetration
    In the year 2000 on 29% of working adults had access to a cellphone - in 2012 its 93%
  • Mobile Penetration
    In 2009 the number of cellphones used overtook the number of unique cellphone users
  • Mobile Penetration
    Only 33% of SA access the internet via a computer
  • Inflection Point…
    In 2009 Mobile became the most pervasive mass media in South Africa
  • Mobile Penetration
    In LSMs 7-10 more than 53% of users make use of mobile data more than 39% mobile internet penetration
  • Mobile Penetration
    5.1m use both a computer and their mobile phone to access the internet
  • Mobile Penetration
    LSM 7 to LSM 10 has more than 90% individual cellphone penetration
  • Cellphones v. Landline Telephones Access
    There are 7.2 times more homes with cellphones than landline telephones ( 6.7 in 2011)
  • Cellphones v. Television Sets
    There are more than twice as many cellphones as there are TV sets (31.8m vs 15.9m)
  • Mobile Penetration
    There are 29.561m Cellphone owners (85% of adults / 93% of aconomically active population)
  • Mobile Penetration
    99% of mobile data users also use SMS/USSD functions
  • Mobile Penetration
    In 2012, 13.4m households with at least one cellphone represent 95% of household penetration
  • Mobile Penetration
    153,000 people use mobi data but do not own their own cellphone
  • Mobile Penetration
    95% of all adults can respond to marketing and advertising through mobile - household penetration (33.8m adults)
  • SMS v. Email Users
    SMS text messaging is used by 3 times more people than email
  • Cellphone v. Fixed Internet Subscribers
    There are 5.2 times more cellphone subscribers than fixed Internet users (4.9 in 2011)
  • Mobile Penetration
    14,871m of adults use Mobile Internet and Data based services
  • Mobile Penetration
    In the year 2000 on 17% of adults had access to a cellphone - in 2012 its 85%
  • Mobile Penetration
    85% or 29.6m adults directly targetable through mobile marketing and advertising
  • Mobile Penetration
    There are 14.9m mobile data users in 2012, up from 6.4m in 2006/7
  • Mobile Penetration
    86% of internet users in SA access the internet via mobile technology
  • Emails Sent + Received on Phone
    68% of e-mails are sent and received from a cellphone (53% in 2011)
  • Mobile Penetration
    In 2012, there is an average of 2.4 cellphones per household

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