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Did You Know in SA…
  • Cellphone v. Computers in Household
    There are 4.6 times more households with a cellphone than a computer
  • Cellphones v. Television Sets
    There are more than twice as many cellphones as there are TV sets (31.8m vs 15.9m)
  • Mobile Penetration
    In the year 2000 on 29% of working adults had access to a cellphone - in 2012 its 93%
  • Inflection Point…
    In 2009 Mobile became the most pervasive mass media in South Africa
  • Mobile Penetration
    86% of internet users in SA access the internet via mobile technology
  • Mobile Penetration
    99% of mobile data users also use SMS/USSD functions
  • Mobile Penetration
    153,000 people use mobi data but do not own their own cellphone
  • Mobile Penetration
    5.1m use both a computer and their mobile phone to access the internet
  • Mobile Penetration
    In 2012, 13.4m households with at least one cellphone represent 95% of household penetration
  • Cellphone v. Fixed Internet Subscribers
    There are 5.2 times more cellphone subscribers than fixed Internet users (4.9 in 2011)
  • Mobile Penetration
    There are 14.9m mobile data users in 2012, up from 6.4m in 2006/7
  • Mobile Penetration
    In 2009 the number of cellphones used overtook the number of unique cellphone users
  • SMS v. Email Users
    SMS text messaging is used by 3 times more people than email
  • Mobile Penetration
    14,871m of adults use Mobile Internet and Data based services
  • Mobile Penetration
    In the year 2000 on 17% of adults had access to a cellphone - in 2012 its 85%
  • Mobile Penetration
    14.843m of adults use a phone capable of Voice/SMS/USSD only
  • Emails Sent + Received on Phone
    68% of e-mails are sent and received from a cellphone (53% in 2011)
  • Mobile Penetration
    Only 33% of SA access the internet via a computer
  • Mobile Penetration
    There are 29.561m Cellphone owners (85% of adults / 93% of aconomically active population)
  • Mobile Penetration
    85% or 29.6m adults directly targetable through mobile marketing and advertising
  • Mobile Penetration
    LSM 7 to LSM 10 has more than 90% individual cellphone penetration
  • Mobile Penetration
    95% of all adults can respond to marketing and advertising through mobile - household penetration (33.8m adults)
  • Mobile Penetration
    In 2012, there is an average of 2.4 cellphones per household
  • Cellphones v. Landline Telephones Access
    There are 7.2 times more homes with cellphones than landline telephones ( 6.7 in 2011)
  • Mobile Penetration
    In LSMs 7-10 more than 53% of users make use of mobile data more than 39% mobile internet penetration

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