Principles of mobile site design

how to delight users and drive conversions: Data vs. Expert opinion


Tuluntulu Milestones - 60k downloads, 1 million views!

All indications are that Tuluntulu is enjoying positive traction across Africa with it's mobile streaming app. A few significant milestones have been reached since marketing commenced in August 2014:

Mobile Morning with Tomi Ahonen, MMA and IAB

On Thursday 6 November, global mobile thought leader Tomi Ahonen, shared his views on mobile trends in Johannesburg- A Morning of Mobile. Famously quoted as declaring mobile as the 7th mass medium in the world, you can view Tomi’s full presentation here.


How mobile research is improving survey quality

We all know about the rapid rise and growing prominence of mobile (I mean, you’re reading the MMASA’s weekly update aren’t you?). Most of you know that mobile research is growing just as quickly, and is fast becoming the go-to methodology for conducting research in Africa.

Useful tools for mobile application developers and their clients.

With POPI on the horizon, this article introduces a few tools that WASPs, mobile application developers, and the brand owners who commission them, may consider adopting when they embark on designing and developing mobile marketing applications.

Knowing your audience’s behavior is key to mobile marketing

There is no doubt that mobile phone behaviour is changing. Only a decade ago, mobile phones were used to make phone calls, set your alarm and perhaps to send text messages. Fast-forward ten years and mobile phones have evolved to become much more than a communications device.

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