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9th annual conference – 20 & 21 Jul at Bryanston Country Club

  • The path to purchase always started in the home, with traditional newspaper inserts, now mobile and on-line communications are able to personalise communications – personalised marketing
  • What’s more by identifying personal shopping patterns from previous data and from social media communications, the communication can be customised to the specific needs of the individual
  • The big words now are ‘integrated marketing’ how to complement traditional and new media, that’s what a lot of the speakers will be addressing
  • Experiential at retail – shopping needs to be fun, be it events, be it gamification, or celebrity interaction. The trick is how to blend the physical event with social and mobile coverage
    And, it’s a pleasure motivating retail ambassadors
  • Mobile enhancing customer experience
    • Able to order out of stock in-store
    • Able to access other customer experiences
    • Able to access independent expert opinions
    • Able to access competitive pricing
  • Digital signage can be fun, and can be very local
  • Oh yes, don’t forget the informal sector. How to work with the spazas and the stokvels


DAY 1 – Wed 20 July

08h30 – 08h40
WELCOME & SlideNote Briefing 
Terry Murphy, Publisher, Marketing Mix

08h40 – 09h20
Wallet Squeeze
* How do shoppers react in economically tough times
* What can be learnt from countries like Brazil and Russia
* Behavioural changes noted in last year
Esti Prinsloo, Director: Consumer Insights, Nielsen 

09h25 – 10h05
Loyalty and shopper-centric strategies

* Learn how the frequent shopper and receipt model creates a far better experience for consumers
* Explore the cost efficiency of combining loyalty card data and receipt transcription
* Discover how retailer data and receipt transcription affects far meter measurement over time
* How loyalty programs are leveraging big data to deliver personalised marketing
Amanda Cromhout, CEO, Truth

10h05 – 10h35 Coffee & networking

10h40 – 11h15
Forget content, context is the new king
* How do we go from one audience of thousands, to thousands of audiences of one
* How do we collect and manage real time shopper data.
* What can be done to contextualize the shopping experience for low LSM consumers
Donovan White, Digital Strategist, Native

11h20 – 12h00
Digital signage impacting purchasing behavior 
* Be relevant: How to reach the audience at the right time, right place with the right content
* Be engaging: How digital signage can engage the customer and drive purchasing behavior
* Add value: How digital signage provides a real ROI to the overall marketing mix
Rob Nelson, CEO, Reel2Real 

13h00 – 13h50
Mobile-first thinking – shifting brand equity into actual sales
* How mobile can influence each stage of the path to purchase
* Mapping the correct tech & tools to deliver best ROI
* Data driven mobile marketing decision making
Neil Hutchinson, MD, Grapevine Interactive

13h55 – 14h30
Product of the Year, for 30 years and in 42 countries we have helped consumers find the best new product on-shelf 
* Key Purchase Decision Triggers: From promotional offers to Word of Mouth. (PoY Nielsen Research Data)
* Attitude towards “New” Products: How consumers perceive new products and whether they are strong enough to entice trial
and loyalty.  (PoY Nielsen Research Data)
* Societal change: How to tailor the shopping experience for millennials
* The Global South African: SA shoppers are now being exposed to the most innovative retail options globally and the channels that innovate
fast will gain the most in the long term
Preetesh Sewraj, CEO & Chief Innovation Analyst, Product of the Year – South Africa

14h35 – 15h30
It’s a pleasure – motivating retail ambassadors 
* Practicing what I preach – Ocean Basket case study
Grace Harding, Ring Leader, Ocean Basket

15h30 Day 1 closes 

PROGRAM – DAY 2 – Thurs 22 July

08h15 – 08h30
Terry Murphy, Publisher, Marketing Mix

08h30 – 09h05
EasyFill case study – successful integrated marketing
* A successful product needs a USP – insights into how to create one
* From root to blossom – the role of product and package design in launching great retail products
* The value of integrated campaigns – consistency in a fragmented media landscape (digital, print, TV, in store)
* From theory to practice – out of the boardroom and onto the shelf. Learnings, lessons, etc
Gavin Rooke, MD, The New Order

09h10 – 09h40
Consumer’s states of mind on their shopping behavior – recent in-story Neuro-Marketing  study investigating shoppers
* Do people simply purchase particular brands out of habit?
* How does purchase behavior differ across categories?
* Can we understand the subconscious micro-moments that impact on purchase decisions?
Chris Davies, Innovation partner, TNS South Africa

09h45 – 10h25
Building a relationship through Stokvel activations
* The 3 pronged approach to building a lasting relationship with stokvels
* Be mindful of the spirit of Ubuntu, “umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu”.
* Don’t just do stokvel activations, but do them with an aim to lock the year end sale early and measure the ROI
* Never under-estimate the power of Word of Mouth
Mpume Shange, CEO, Expressive Through the Line Agency

10h25 - 10h55 Coffee & networking

11h00 – 11h40
Experiential in-mall
* The importance of a multi-disciplinary and integrated approach to mall advertising
* Connecting brands, tenants and malls to shoppers through inspired solutions
*  Experiential campaigns and winning case studies

Greer Hogarth, Lifestyle Account Manager, Strategy & Integration Primedia Unlimited: Mall Division
Gia Conte-Patel, Integrated Sales & Retail Innovation Primedia Unlimited: Mall Division

11h45 – 12h20
Mobile at retail – award winning campaigns, and why
By unpacking the 4 Rs as key success factors to campaigns in Mobile at Retail:
*  Reach – Cast your marketing net as wide as possible
*  Relevance – Use gamification with a personalised experience to drive the behavior you want from your consumers
*  Reward – Remember to answer your consumer’s question: What’s in it for me?
*  Referrals – Mobile is a great way to use technology to enable the spread of word of mouth, fast!
Candy Goodman, MD, Mobitainment

12h20 – 13h20 Lunch

13h20 – 14h00
Localising digital signage contect via cloud computing
* Explaining the cloud breakthrough
* How store managers can load now now content directly relevant to their store and their department
* Case studies demonstrating cloud digital competitive advantages
Dana Buys, Founder and CEO, 

14h05 – 14h40
Shoppertunities for Growth in the Informal Trade
* Insight into Shopper Trends
* Drivers of Performance
* How to Win with Shoppers
Jacqui Le Sar Fourie, Managing Director, Inperspective

14h45 – 15h20
Mobile-first: mapping consumer behaviour to the point of sale

* How mobile can influence each stage of the path to purchase
* Mapping the correct tech & tools to deliver best ROI
* Data driven mobile marketing decision making
Skye Aspden, GM, NMP, Jhb & Lead Strategist at Clicks2customers

15h30 conference closes

Standard Delegate rate R8,000 excl vat Click here to save R1,600

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