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On Friday, 19 August, Loeries Creative Week goes mobile as the Mobile Marketing Association of South Africa hosts the annual SMARTIES Awards, where the best in mobile advertising are recognised. Fiona Potgieter, COO of Yonder Media, spoke tomedia update about their multi-nominated campaign and mobile advertising in South Africa.
<i>SMARTIES Awards</i>: Yonder Media is making an impact at the ballot box

By Adam Wakefield 

Yonder Media has received eight nominations in eight different categories for its ‘South Africa 2016 Municipal Elections Registration Campaign' entry. What were the elements of success that saw Yonder Media create something that not only had tremendous public value, but crossed many divisional lines within the mobile space, as evidenced by the different categories the campaign is up for an award for?

When we work closely with the client, the creative agency, and the ATL agency from the first brief, we create exceptional work that not only meets the campaign objectives but also pushes the envelope.

Our knowledge and experience gained over the last 14 years also contributes heavily to our success in creating 360-degree campaigns. The fact that we are skilled in all areas of digital, as already mentioned, also allows us to go beyond the brief and add value in creating campaigns where all the parts form an integrated whole and nothing is done in isolation. Once the campaign goes live, we manage and monitor all the elements and make tweaks for optimal results. 

We have to thank the ATL digital strategist at the clients’ media agency – The MediaShop – for her trust in allowing us to do exceptional work and for allowing budget allocations based on the proposals received. We also have to thank our amazing client, who always gave us the go ahead when we presented new and innovative ideas or tech, and for their overall trust in the digital medium, and us, as long as it fell within the brief.

How important is it for the likes of Yonder Media and other firms to have an outlet such as theSMARTIES Awards that recognise the best mobile work in the industry?

It motivates us to go beyond the brief, experiment and produce work that drives digital results harder. It also gives us the opportunity to reflect on the work we have done and to give ourselves some credit and satisfaction for our efforts.

What specifics should any marketer or creative agency remember when targeting a mobile audience, and are there any particular aspects from a creative point of view that mobile empowers compared to other mediums or platforms?

Digital is a much more personal media space than ALT and, for this reason, you have to be much smarter in your strategy, media selection, and creative and engagement technology to break through the clutter, gain attention, gain trust and brand love when talking to consumers. 

What is the most difficult aspect of creating marketing material for a mobile audience and what is the most rewarding, especially in a mobile-first country like South Africa? 

Creating an emotional connection that your audience will find relevant and will relate too. The most rewarding aspect is when you crack it and the audience loves your campaign, especially if you manage to create mobile specific content and not just re-size ATL content.

The list of nominees for this year’s SMARTIES Awards is available here.

Tickets for the SMARTIES Awards are available here.

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