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Net1 Mobile Solutions

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José Soares

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+27 11 463 7233

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Net1 Mobile Solutions is a leader in the mobile technology market, driven by an ethos of excellence without compromise. We provide an array of products and services which cater to the needs of a diverse, interconnected society. Our focus spans across eight unique business lines, catering to Banking, MVC (Mobile Virtual Card), Prepaid Vending, Chip & SIM, Cryptography, Third Party Payments, MNO Solutions and Custom Development clients.

As a subsidiary of the Net1 Group we implement technologies and systems such as U.E.P.S. (Universal Electronic Payment System) and MVC to address banking sector needs. Our Third Party Payments business line, FIHRST, is the largest provider of third party and payroll associated payments in South Africa. Prepaid Vending Advance Value Services (AVS), Custom Development and more offer clients such as Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) the tools required to stay ahead of the competition. The Chip & SIM portfolio supports MNO and banking clients worldwide, while cryptographic products such as Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) secure data in retail, petroleum and banking industries.

Our ability to provide and manage world class solutions for over 1,250 globally, ensures we are the definitive partners for any company looking to improve their own success and profitability.


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