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The MMA SA is constituted by members from South Africa, the EMEA Region, and Global organisations including Brands, Agencies, Operators, Platform Providers and Technology Vendors as well as specialist Mobile Service Providers…

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Desere' Orrill

JHB 087 806 7965
CPT 021 446 6400
Cell: 083 441 7293

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MobiMedia  Who we are and what we do – in a nutshell.
MobiMedia is a mobile marketing and media agency with an innovative approach to mobile communication. We devise strategic mobile marketing campaigns that engage the consumer and enhance the brand.
Providing much more than technological solutions, we create marketing opportunities, because we know that the magic of mobile is not to be found in the mechanics, but in the momentum. How people relate to and interact with technology is actually bigger than the technology itself.
Our mobile media planning experts help our clients to navigate the mobile media space. With every campaign, our goal is to find the sweet spot where the brand's objectives and the consumers' needs meet, and we use the mobile channel to get there.
We have a team of experts sourced from the fields of digital and mobile communication, traditional advertising and marketing, television and print media, mobile content creation, retail and service industries and online business management. Our clients span all market sectors and range from SMEs to global brands. Our partners include media platforms, content suppliers and best-of-breed social and online pros.
We believe that mobile communication is a two-way stream, a means for brand and consumer to engage at a highly personal and thus lasting level. We strive to help our clients to nurture and grow their mobile audience and turn the fan of today into the client of tomorrow.
Connect. Engage. Mobilize.    Keep it moving...

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