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The MMA SA is constituted by members from South Africa, the EMEA Region, and Global organisations including Brands, Agencies, Operators, Platform Providers and Technology Vendors as well as specialist Mobile Service Providers…

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Charles Talbot

082 374 0414

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Gemalto's know-how and field experience mean we are uniquely placed to support our clients in the delivery to end-users of trusted solutions for the digital and wireless world. We do this by offering them a wide range of software and services that support and enable mobile financial transactions, mobile marketing, digital life management, international roaming and many other applications; plus the secure issuance of digital identity, rights and credentials, personalization and authentication. We also offer our clients a wide range of training, consulting, marketing and integration services.

From 2008-2011 WAND Africa worked with NAVTEQ/Nokia "Location Point" TM location based advertising platform in South

Africa.Responsibilities included: Sales, Liaison with Ad agencies and the execution of campaigns.

Work with NAVTEQ / Nokia Ad ops teams in UK, Germany and Finland.
Advertisers included : SPUR, Pannerotis, Virgin Active, Steers, BP, Foschini Group amongst others.
2012 – Present: WAND Africa is working with TELMAP (an INTEL company) to launch their Location Based Advertising offering to South African advertisers.

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