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Brand Awareness

Campaign created for brand growth, development and enrichment, as well as establishing brand recognition and familiarity with targeted customers. Showcase how your campaign has achieved any or all of these components.

Lead Generation / Direct Response / Conversions

Campaigns which use mobile to directly impact sales, conversions, trial, purchase intent or generated customers for future engagement and sales. Showcase how your submission has achieved either or both.

Product / Services Launch

Work that launched or re-launched a product or service with mobile at the heart, delivering measurable success. Be specific as to what made this launch effective, along with the role mobile played in the process.


Mobile Gaming, Gamification & E-Sports

Gaming apps, gamification applications or e-sports activities that are either a part of a broader marketing strategy or a stand-alone brand experience. Please be specific in describing how the brand is positioned in the gaming environment. (If you have a branded gaming app, please submit to the Mobile App category.)

Mobile App

Any application that provides information, entertainment, productivity or utility for the customer. Mobile App can be part of a broader marketing strategy or a stand-alone brand experience. Includes short-term apps for a specific moment in time as well as longer term apps.

Mobile Social

Campaign which uses social platforms to impact business objectives and/or enhance relationships with a brand, community or consumer. Includes emojis, memes, hashtags, etc.



Mobile advertising, applications, or sites that explore new ideas, devices, or methods in their execution and push the boundaries of the discipline. Includes new or ground-breaking techniques or an unconventional/creative use of existing technology. Include the impact to your current business or potential shifts it will create for your future marketing efforts.

Location Based Targeting

Connecting to customers with the most relevant message when and where they are most likely to act with location-based targeting is a marketer’s dream. Easier said than done? This category can include one-off executions or longer-term campaigns but must include specifics on impact against your marketing goals


Mobile commerce solutions improving or enhancing the customer buying experience, creating increased engagement and commercial success. Includes in-app purchasing, mobile banking, virtual marketplace apps (i.e. Amazon mobile app), or a digital wallet such as Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay.

Mobile Video

Mobile is quickly ascending as the dominant screen for video consumption. It’s nuanced and intimate and is proven to yield impressive results as the most effective storytelling platform, despite the small screen. The formula for success is far more complicated than a 30 second spot but also offers greater opportunities. Show us your best in class, most impactful mobile video campaigns!

Data/Insights (NEW)

Use of customer data that played an integral role in the development and execution of a campaign to target, engage or develop a meaningful relationship with a specific audience or community. Detail the role that data had within the campaign strategy in achieving the brand and business goals.

Business Unusual 2020

Social Responsibility

Campaigns that have integrated the COVID-19 medical advice into their branding communication messages across all media platforms during the crisis.

Brand Purpose

Campaigns created keeping the COVID 19 sentiment intact with development and education as pillars targeted in keeping the purpose of the Brand to showcase these components.

Customer Experience

Campaign that enriches digital experiences or enables new methods of connecting with the consumer enabling seamless experience and keeping in mind social distancing norms. Mobile should play a key role in enhancing consumer experience & engagement.

Tech Innovation

Campaigns and programmes that show innovative thinking and solutions to reach consumers during COVID. It could cover using platforms in new and innovative ways; using technology to launch new products, new channels, or new features.


Any Application that provided information, entertainment, productivity or utility for the consumers during the COVID19 crisis. It could be in relation to the crisis or building through the app a new way and means of easier communication and interaction with existing customers. Mobile Apps can be part of a broader marketing strategy or a stand-alone brand experience. Includes short-term apps for a specific moment in time as well as longer term apps.