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Phase 1
Preliminary Entry

Phase 2

Phase 3
The pitch

Method of Entry

Campaign Direct Entry Nomination / Referral Preliminary Round Entry Form PDF campaign Summary URL / Link

Smarties Africa Voting Platform will determine campaigns shortlisted from votes calculated on the platform. The 160 top scoring entries across all 16 Smarties categories will be invited to submit their campaigns on the MMA Global Smarties platform.

Voting Platform will determine the top 4 finalists in each category entered into this phase through judges votes.


MMA Africa Entry Platform

Smarties Africa Voting Platform

MMA Africa Voting Platform


Refer to fees Tab




2 June – 22 Jan 23

Feb 2023

Feb 2023

Category Pillars

Unlimited Entries: Marketing Impact Unlimited Entries Purpose Driven Marketing
Unlimited Entries Impact Media
Unlimited Entries Experience Technology Entries limited to Web 3.0 MMA Members Senior Brand Marketers

Shortlisted Entries

The 4 top scoring entries in each of the Smarties categories will become category finalists and agency/brand representatives will be invited to present their campaign to the panel of judges in a virtual presentation, the MY SMARTIES PITCH.

Judging / Voting

MMA Members

Senior Marketeers 6 Judges Chair Vice Chair Smarties Academy Sponsor 4 Senior Brand Marketers

Senior Marketeers 6 Judges Chair Vice Chair Smarties Academy Sponsor 4 Senior Brand Marketers

How to Enter

Phase 1 – Preliminary qualifying stage

Just complete the form and upload strategy and creative slides, provide links to your URLs and off we go.

Each entrant can submit an unlimited number of campaigns.
A single campaign can be entered in up to 3 different categories and across any of the four core pillars.
Preliminary campaigns will be judged online by MMA SA members and senior brand marketers.
Peer Judging will result in the shortlisting of the top 160 entries.

Campaigns will be eliminated from this round based on the following criteria:

Incomplete entries (Refer to mandatory to complete sections guideline and supporting documents guidelines)
Incomplete entries (Refer to mandatory to complete sections guideline and supporting documents guidelines)
Disqualified campaigns (Refer to qualification criteria and eligibility guideline.)
Campaign duplications (Refer to campaign category guide and entry terms and conditions)

Phase 2 – The Shortlisting

The top 160 entries will be submitted to the MMA Global SMARTIES Entry Platform.

How to submit:

Create profile on the MMA SMARTIES platform
Fill in Campaign details
Submit supporting information – PDF presentation, URL links, no video required.

A panel of senior Smarties Judges will independently evaluate and score each entry. Each campaign will be screened by a minimum of 5 judges. The voting system will identify the campaigns with the highest marks awarded in each category. 4 entries per category with the highest scores will become the category finalists and will be invited to a virtual pitch presentation.

Phase 3 – My SMARTIES Virtual Pitch

The 4 finalists per category will receive an invitation to a virtual pitch with the MMA SA Judging Committee.

The pitch will be moderated with questions asked and recorded.
After the pitch sessions the judges will debate the merits of each of the finalists and will vote to award Gold, Silver or Bronze SMARTIES Awards to the most deserving campaigns in each category.

The SMARTIES Jury Panel will make the final selection of winners. If there are no suitable entries, judges may decline to appoint a winner, or to award either gold silver or bronze awards for any category in any given year. At all stages, a judge’s vote will not be counted for any entry submitted by his or her own company in his or her own country. The decision of the SMARTIES Jury Panel in all matters relating to the awarding of prizes will be final and binding.